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JLM, Thanks for the clarification. BR, Another way to do this without using
the un-supported plist hack is to save the state of your app before you
launch the browser and then restore the app to the saved state when it

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On 1/29/17 9:24 PM, Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami via use-livecode wrote:
> Is there a way to ensure that the "back button" on any device's web 
> app, goes back to the card in the stack from which it was invoked by 
> the "launch ulr" command?

This has to do with the default behavior of LC and the OS it runs on. By
default, LC mobile apps quit when they are not frontmost. The behavior after
that depends on the OS.

On Android, the LC app will remain in RAM until the OS needs the memory, at
which point it will quit. If the user goes back to the LC app before it has
been removed from memory, the user will return to the place it last left
off. If the app has been removed, it re-launches to its opening screen.

On iOS the app is not retained in RAM, it always quits. Ralph provided the
work-around that allows the app to run in the background. It is not
supported and can fail depending on what the app does. If you use it, test
to make sure it works reliably.

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