Using LC server to check for existence of mp3 on our web server?

Phil Davis revdev at
Sun Jan 22 04:16:51 EST 2017

Hi Tim,

Here is a very simplistic way of checking for a file on your server. It 
assumes your mp3 files are in a 'programs' folder that resides in the 
'document root' folder. This script as it is here would be in a .lc file 
on your server. You pass it a filename in the url and it tells you if 
the file is in the programs folder or not.

So the url would look something like this:

The text of the '' file:

       set the errorMode to "inline"
       put $_SERVER["QUERY_STRING"] into tFilename
       put $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] & "/programs/" & tFilename into tPath
       if there is a file tPath then
           put "Found file" && q(tFilename)
           put "Did not find file" && q(tFilename)
       end if

    function q pString
         return quote & pString & quote
    end q

This is most likely not exactly what you need, but maybe it'll give you 
a starting point.

Thanks -
Phil Davis

On 1/21/17 11:36 PM, Tim Selander via use-livecode wrote:
> Hi,
> hosting, using LC server to present a list of our AM/FM 
> radio programs for people to listening to on-demand.
> Out of a month's 20 programs, 3 or 4 might not get uploaded due to 
> copyright issues, etc. Also, mp3's are not on the server, 
> but another hosting service we use as well.
> Filenaming is standardized, so I know the list of programs. I want to 
> hit the server, if the mp3 files exists, present it as an <audio src=, 
> if the mp3 file does not exists, present a "Sorry, program not 
> available" message.
> If I wanted to check on the existence of a small text file, it would 
> be fast enough for me to just get it, put it into a variable and see 
> if the variable has anything in it. But mp3's are too big, so too slow.
> Locally, I would simply write "if there is a file 'filename'..."  -- 
> what's the equivalent command for checking on existence of a file on a 
> server?
> Thanks in advance.
> Tim Selander
> Tokyo, Japan
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