Help: Odd menu behavior under LC6.7.11 on OSX

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Thu Jan 12 09:15:33 CET 2017

If you want to talk about a "perv": I'm currently using 7.1.4 for all my 
development work.


On 1/12/17 12:02 am, Curry Kenworthy via use-livecode wrote:
> Richmond:
> > Well, the first question anyone is going to ask is why
> > on earth you are using 6.7.11?
> Don't forget to use "OMG/LOL/derisno/perv" as in for example: "OMG, 
> why are you using 6.7, are you a total perv? Derisno past! LOL." :)
> There is a history to every product, and not only do we learn a lot by 
> comparing past to present, but the latest version of LC that people 
> take for granted owes a lot of fixes and some features to Paul in 
> particular due to his meticulous work and testing, providing a huge 
> benefit to the entire community!
> It's wonderful to keep up with recent LC releases, especially where 
> Apple is concerned, but sometimes circumstances and LC bugs/features 
> can affect the speed of that process. Then you have people who grab 
> the latest DP, precisely because it is the very latest thing, and get 
> confused trying to tell the difference between their own bugs and DP 
> bugs. I help people with that often enough to know that a chorus of 
> "just grab the latest" is advice that needs clarification.
> Paul:
> > We are seeing a weird menu rendering issues under OSX
> I believe this menu issue is also a current bug in LC 8.1.2! Haven't 
> tried it yet in LC 9, but I will soon. LC 6.6 was okay, so it must 
> have been introduced in 6.7 and remained until now.
> Craig:
> > I am hunkered down in v6 until I can swallow the new "look"
> > of v8/9. The only thing I really miss from those is the new
> > multi-char itemDelimiter.
> Change for the sake of change keeps some people incredibly happy, 
> others less so! The new interface does take some getting used to, and 
> the old interface definitely had its strengths too, as I've realized 
> lately with certain particular tasks and with teaching others. Much to 
> learn from comparing and critiquing LC versions, enjoying the very 
> latest as well as some past specimens!
> Best wishes,
> Curry Kenworthy
> Custom Software Development
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