Script Editor fixable? (was: Configuring a Sublime Text project to notify LiveCode IDE about updates to script only stacks)

Mike Kerner MikeKerner at
Sat Feb 25 18:32:07 EST 2017

No, what I meant was that we as a group have been really slow to get the
ball and start running.  We're just start to get moving, but I'm hoping
that with a few of these little projects started we're picking it up...

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> wrote:
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> > >
> > > All I did was plant the thought, and Bernd went nuts with it.  Welcome
> to
> > > management.  Where's my big paycheck and pin stripes?
> > > Anyway, we have been reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy slooooooooooooooooow as a
> > > community picking up the ball and running with it since LC went OSS.
> > Every
> > > time we start going after ANYTHING in LC it's a plus, so I'm glad the
> > > dictionary is getting attention.
> >
> > I supported LC OSS when it was in kickstarter with my personal $$$.  And
> > it was the largest sum that I personally have ever given toward any
> cause.
> > It was very difficult for me because I don't sell any apps.  My
> investment
> > was 1) because I believe in the potential of LC to empower
> non-programmers
> > to create, 2) to open the doors for OSS programmers to improve the
> product
> > for everyone,  3) to reap the reward of lifetime LC upgrades so I can
> > continue to enjoy creating without having to learn C or java, or whatever
> > else.  I have always loved the idea that our interface was created in its
> > own language. I see the advantages for the "team" to remove some burdens,
> > but at the same time it makes me feel like something special is being
> > abandoned.  But I'm not selling apps, so disregard me.
> >
> > ~Roger
> >
> Just to clarify, I am thrilled that there are people in the community that
> have both the time and the skills to contribute.  Others like myself have
> also contributed in varying degrees monetarily, but may or may not do more
> beyond that. That might be considered "reeeeeealy sloooooow at picking up
> the ball", but both types of contributions make OSS work at the end of the
> day.
> I love Bernd's dictionary stack, by the way.  Everything he touches is
> outstanding!
> ~Roger
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