Script Editor fixable? (was: Configuring a Sublime Text project to notify LiveCode IDE about updates to script only stacks)

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Fri Feb 24 09:26:24 EST 2017

And if for #5, if I just want to keep using the LC built-in editor because
I am comfortable using it, then I would hope it still exists.  I guess like
metacard, it would branch into it's own open-source thing, maintained by
those who want it.

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> Other reasons to think about an external editor:
> 1) Code folding
> 2) Visual markers for structures (vertical lines that connect the beginning
> and end of a control structure, making it easy to see)
> 3) Larger community, therefore more people to work on it, make suggestions,
> etc.
> 3a) Maybe, eventually, the development team doesn't have to worry about the
> SE, any more, at all.
> 4) Why is having an integrated editor important, if your edits made via an
> external editor take effect immediately?  If we didn't need the L server
> hack to get live edits, we could use any editor.
> 5) Choose the editor you want, for whatever reason you want it.
> 6) And if you're using Git or some other code repo tool,
> ...a) Less need to carefully mark changes in your code so you can track
> them because the tool does that for you.  You can see all the changes that
> have happened in a particular handler, and you can see all the changes that
> go with a particular version across handlers.
> ...b) Undo, and undo from several months ago
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