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Sat Feb 11 04:12:38 EST 2017

This is a well known visual phenomena:
When I'm tired I also switch sometimes 'in between reading'
the temporarily memorized decimal point from the beginning to
the end of a three-digit-block (did it recently in the forum).

It mostly works for me (if not 'computing') to force myself
to obey the rule, for the decimal prefixes, starting from Byte:

Kilobytes = 10^3  Bytes => cut most right three
MegaBytes = 10^6  Bytes => cut most right 6 (another three)  
GigaBytes = 10^9  Bytes => cut most right 9 (another three)
TeraBytes = 10^12 Bytes => cut most right 12 (another three)

As Phil hints, to use number words may be misleading here because
'billion' has different meanings in Europe (1 billion = 10^12) and
in the USA (1 billion = 10^9).

>> Bob S. wrote:
>> Isn't it kBytes not bits? So 32,000 * 32000 Bytes (a pixel takes up
>> one Byte in 8 bit color) which comes to 1,024,000,000 BYTES. That's
>> 1.024 terabytes, unless my faculties have wholly abandoned me.
>> Of course, a black and white image is 1,024,000 BYTES, or 1.023 GIGS,
>> but are we talking about black and white images?
> Phil D. wrote:
> Your labels are one order of magnitude off the actual values, Bob. Say 
> it with me: 1,024,000,000 BYTES is "one billion bytes" (and change, 
> depending on whose standard you use). Of course one billion bytes is a 
> gigabyte.
> Same with the labeling of 1,024,000 BYTES = 1000kb = a megabyte, not a gig.

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