Browser Widget Appears to be caching data (JavaScript)?

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Mon Feb 6 12:07:20 EST 2017

To refresh a browser cache I put an argument on the URL that is different
from the last request and the cache will be invalidated. In LC I put
"&seconds=12345678" at the end of the URL arguments or if there are no
arguments then I put "?seconds=12345678" where "12345678" is the LC "the
seconds". This only helps if there is no more than 1 request per second. I
there are more that "the milliseconds" would be more appropriate.

The local DNS cache can be refreshed on Windows by "ipconfig /flushdns". I'm
sure that this is function is available on other platforms. Then you are
getting the next level of DNS that you might/might not have access to. If
the next level is your router you can reset that DNS cache, but after that
you have to wait for it to propagate. The TTL of the DNS entry gives an
maximum time this will take. I practice I have found that this happens much
quicker. I use DynDns for IPs that change regularly and that seems to happen
very quickly.

Ralph DiMola
IT Director
Evergreen Information Services

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Right. But that is the browser cache. If you are talking about a url
resolving to a different site, that is a function of DNS, which is totally
separate from the browser cache the browser maintains. I do not think the
browser is capable of bypassing DNS caching.

But maybe I misunderstand the problem.

Bob S

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In an actual browser (at least as far as I know) one doesn't have to resort
to tricks.  Like in chrome, ctrl-f5 bipasses cache and reloads.  More info

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