tsNet docs?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue Apr 4 13:28:19 EDT 2017

Hello Charles -

Since I wrote my earlier post v8.1.4rc1 has been released, so I tried 
there with better results for some things, and noted all of my findings 
with both v9 and v8.1.4 for both SFTP and FTPS here:

Question:  libURL has a VERY convenient feature in which if you're 
uploading to a path that includes a folder that doesn't yet exist, it'll 
create that folder for you.

If tsNet doesn't provide that, is there any better method for doing that 
than obtaining a list of directories for even folder level and 
explicitly creating one if not found?

I can write code for that, and probably cache results as I go to 
minimize the number of times I need to do that, but it would sure be 
more convenient to discover that there's some means of getting that 
libURL convenience in tsNet.

Thanks -

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Earlier I wrote:
 > Charles Warwick wrote:
 >  > Hi Richard,
 >  >
 >  > I think I am noticing a potentially related bug when an invalid
 >  > path is used in the SFTP transfer - I am looking into it now.
 >  >
 >  > Can you confirm that you are using the complete path for the
 >  > destination path in the URL?  Unlike FTP, SFTP paths are not
 >  > relative to the user's home directory.
 > I would love to, but back on my main machine here this morning I
 > downloaded a fresh copy of the sample stack from the URL I'd used before:
 > ...and I'm back to the "Unlicensed" error. :(
 > I'm running LC v9dp76 Indy on Ubuntu 14.04.
 > --
 >   Richard Gaskin

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