Detect lat/long Intersections

Matt Maier blueback09 at
Sun Sep 25 04:25:15 EDT 2016

You can try using within(object, point) if you define an object using the
points on the boundary of your detection area.

If your area is easy to define then you can just test it. For example, if
it's a circle then you only need to measure the distance between the bus's
location and the center of the circle. If it's a rectangle then you just
measure if the point is less than and greater than the bounding latitude
and longitude.

On Sun, Sep 25, 2016 at 4:24 AM, Javier Miranda V. <jemirandav at>

> In my effort to get insight about the operations of a public
> transportation company, I was finally able to get the location of the units
> (buses), using LiveCode´s GET URL and the platform´s API they use for
> tracking. While I still need to “polish" some operations with the returned
> JSON, Array etc.  I came with something I have to resolve:  How can I
> determine that a bus has entered an area? The returned information (JSON) I
> got has the lat and lng name/value pairs. I also have the lat/lng of the
> point(s) I want to monitor.
> Hope the above is understandable, any help welcome!
> Javier Miranda V.
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