[ANN] Release 8.1.0

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 20:45:42 CEST 2016

The documentation works superbly in Xubuntu 14.04 32-bit (all my school 
computers bar one
are that) for LC 8.1; everything popping up in Firefox "without a 
backward glance".

I wish I knew why that does not happen in the 64-bit variant.

On 14.09.2016 21:37, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Richmond wrote:
> > Oddly enough, on Xubuntu 16.04 64-bit 8.1 is ahead of the curve in
> > this respect as populated the recent menu as soon as I started it up.
> Same here under Ubuntu 14.04.
> > Mind you; no documentation . . . Still.
> But not for lack of trying.
> There are 74 comments in this bug report, with Panos, Peter, and Mark 
> Waddingham taking time away from supported platforms to try to pin 
> down this anomaly on your Xubuntu install, yet thus far it seems 
> they've had difficulty reproducing it:
> http://quality.livecode.com/show_bug.cgi?id=16848
> Please rest assured that we've all read every reference to this bug 
> report each time you've posted it.
> Maybe we can try a different tack:
> I've been exploring the dictionary data in 
> Documentation/resources/api/api.sqlite
> As Mark Weider noted the other day, the IDE includes an API for 
> obtaining the raw data for those entries.
> And Jacque, myself, and others rather prefer a different layout for 
> the Dictionary.
> So why don't we make one?
> We could use an LC stack as the viewer. The field object is pretty 
> nice, well suited for nicely-formatted HtmlText.
> I appreciate where they're going with the embedded-browser version, 
> esp. since relying on it for the Dictionary means they've had to 
> ensure the Browser Widget is generally robust on all platforms (your 
> Xubuntu install notwithstanding), and at some point I'll be using that 
> object on Linux so it's nice to see the attention it's been getting.
> But for the Dictionary specifically, even though I have no technical 
> problem preventing me from using the Dictionary I shared Jacque's 
> preference for a different design (for me the biggest feature is among 
> the smallest to implement: I really like having the search field 
> pre-selected when I open the window so I can start typing immediately 
> when it opens).
> So why not all of us have exactly what we want?  Let a thousand 
> flowers bloom and all that.  We could take the last Dictionary plugin 
> Jacque and I made and revamp it for use in LC 8.  It may be that only 
> three of us use it, but if seems a better use of time than re-posting 
> the same bug report number over and over, and certainly more fun.

I'm not as hung up on "fun" as some, but it would certainly be more 


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