IDE puzzler...

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Fri Sep 2 14:18:49 EDT 2016

I feel a "Richmond naive remark" coming on:

On 2.09.2016 21:04, Paul Dupuis wrote:
> So I just wasted an hour tracking down a sort of "problem" that was not
> really a problem.
> My desktop app has printing and selecting "Print..." from the File menu
> of my app was doing the "right" think, but Comand/Control-P was not.
> Sadly, it took me a whole hour to realize that the Command-P was being
> passed to the IDE and invoking the IDE's File > Print Card... menu item,
> which looked enough like a very old version of our printing code in this
> case to make me think that tons of recent changes had someone "been undone".
> So, problem solved in once sense in that when the Standalone gets built,
> Command/Control-P will end up invoking my printer code, but the IDEs.
> But, here is the puzzler, is there a way to tell the IDE to NOT handle
> menu keyboard equivalents and send those keyboard commands to the
> Applications menu so that all the functions of the App's menu can really
> be tested in the IDE?

But's that what I thought 'Browse' mode was for.

Obviously I was wrong . . .

So; here's an idea (probably almost as naive as that remark):

How about an 'App' mode where one can get a feel for how the stack(s) 
will run when compiled as
a standalone? At least as far as the OS the stacks is being developed on.
> I could see nothing in Preferences.

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