HTML 5 Engine Download Again (and again and again?)

hh hh at
Tue Nov 29 06:50:44 EST 2016

May be the on-rev-server was a bit stressed from all these links (incl.
new LC-versions for download).

Here on a Mac mini with Safari 10 and a 50 MBit connection I have at most
12 seconds for a first load from both servers ( OR ) and 3 seconds for a reload of the _same_ engine.
Recall the engine is different with each LC version. Slow-down-factors
for different browsers as given in the forum post (link below).

I never wait more than 20 seconds for a standalone, except the content is
announced as 'HUGE' (usually meaning that additional 20-50 MByte are to
download for stack resources before the page is fully ready).

There are several possible reasons for a 'not-working-as-expected' with
download or performance. I wrote this down in some detail for 'newcomers'
to HTML5-standalones in the forum

you have always the possibility to download the source and test it locally,
without internet connection. Safari and Firefox can test from html-file,
Chrome and Opera need a local fileserver running. With the new JS extension
there may be JS modules that need to load a resource from elsewhere or from
the webserver. So in the future all browsers may need a local webserver
running. [ For downloading the sources (if no community link is already
there), see ].

For testing the JS-demo one needs also the html-file and the js script
resources called there. In case someone doesn't know how to get these I'll
add them soon to the forum post about the JS-demo.

*** This shows once more, how important Todd Fabacher's engagement for
building soon a good LC-JS-library is. ***

Although, these early experiments are far from being optimal for enclosure
in such a library. But I'm already collecting snippets to be ready to
support him and his team as soon as they start. 

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