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Terry Vogelaar tvogelaar at
Mon Nov 28 22:29:03 EST 2016

I want to write my own productivity app in LiveCode. Aren’t there enough? Maybe, but I haven’t found what I’m looking for.

Here’s what I have. I use MacBreakZ ( <>) to prevent RSI. It lets me take breaks when I’m using the Mac for too long. The great thing is that it detects whether I use my Mac or not. So when I’m interrupted, the timer delays the break and it will eventually notify it as an informal break.

Then there is Focus ( <>). I tend to waste my most productive hours on Facebook or e-mail. Focus is basically a timer to restrict the usage of distracting apps or sites to help me with my self-control during those hours.

Then there is another app, also called Focus ( <>). I hoped it would have the restricting functionality of the other Focus, but no, this is just a simple Pomodoro timer with an integrated ToDo-list. It gives 4 blocks of productivity, 25 min each, with a 5 min break in between. Then there’s a longer break.

All of them help users to have productive time and leisure time. But if I would run all three, there would be no agreement between them when I should have my break.

The latter app made me realise I could create my own. Any programmer could make that. But ideally I would want to integrate what makes the other two apps great. I want the activity detection that MacBreakZ has and the distraction-restriction (hey)Focus offers. Would an app made in LiveCode be able to do that? If so, how?

With kind regards,
Terry Vogelaar

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