JavaScript + LC HTML5 = LiveCode.js

Todd Fabacher tfabacher at
Thu Nov 24 23:38:48 EST 2016

Hello Roger, you need to remember almost 50% of web users are on a
non-desktop OS, and almost none of them support plugins like you are
describing. LC HTML5 is what it is...It is an App running in an HTML5
canvas. We will be limited that those restrictions. But I understand where
you are coming from.

What I would like to focus on is what are the current possibilities that we
can capitalize on with the JavaScript integration - NOW. I need a
functioning HTML5 data entry clint for several Apps we are developing.

Mark, One question I had that was NOT answered is..Can a JavaScript
function call a LiveCode function? I know this was added in the LC8 browser.

How do we get started and have the community involved? We can do it and
give it to everyone like we have been doing, but I would like to see if we
can get several people involved who are passionate about making LC HTML5
easier and  more successful. We code just want to do it our way, but the
middle ground so more people will use it, and improve it. Richard, Any


>I disagree that you might as well be running a desktop app.  The download
>of the helper would only be necessary once (like the old RevWeb plugin).
>Back when we had the RevWeb plugin, my browser based apps just worked.
>Being in a position where localized automation is primarily what I create
>for in-house users, this would allow me to update/maintain to a single
>code-source, but without having my hands tied capability-wise by the


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