use-livecode Digest, Vol 158, Issue 48

Mark Clark markclark at
Sun Nov 27 08:18:48 EST 2016

You might consider serving your video files from an S3 compatible object server in order to generate pre-signed URLs. I use minio, it’s free open source and very simple to configure. The micro service version is a small binary that works on a standard host using a file system backend.

Pre-signed URL generation is trivial using shell and minio client (free cli client distributed with Minio). Minio client can work against any S3 compatible object server as well as the FOSS Minio server.

If your user has a persistent account of some sort you might generate a new pre-signed URL at any time. You can also encrypt the link using a token that you send to your user via sms, etc if you require 2 part auth. 

Below is from an applescript, but it’s easy to use the shell command with LiveCode--For desktop drag and drop sharing of files I use an applescript droplet that uploads a file to the server,generates a pre-signed URL, and pastes it into a new mail message. Part of the meat of it here is the line below. I can change that expire to anything up to 7 days (S3 standard) or lower using minutes, etc. If your videos are 30 minutes the expire might be set to --expire=45m   The “play/mark” is an alias of my dev object host that I keep in my client config files

set minioReturn to (do shell script "/usr/local/bin/mc share download --quiet  --expire=120h  play/mark" & theFileNametoUpLoad & "|tail -n +2")

Minio can be found here: <>


> On Nov 27, 2016, at 5:00 AM, use-livecode-request at wrote:
> Basically I want people who pay me to
> see my video to be able to view my 
> video, but I don?t want them to be 
> able to easily find the URL, by looking 
> at the source code, and start giving it 
> out to their friends for free.
> Suggestions?

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