Draw an adjustable Trapezoid in Livecode - How to change x, y of the 4 corner points of a rect

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Fri Nov 25 12:48:24 EST 2016


Thanks for the patience in clarifying all this.

I think the dictionary could really use some kind of  commenting system. What you are saying here is really important both for future docs as well as possible changes in the terms used in the IDE.  But.. here it is buried deep in the lists. 

Opaque on/off trick… wow… very helpful.. typically I will be following a path in an image. Kind of like the magnetic lasso operation in photoshop, the use case is to use the graphic as a mask, set blending, gradient over an area of the image… 

So once we get to the last point before closing… instead of going on that mini-frustrating fishing expedition to try to make the last point on top of the first one… we can just stop .. toggle opacity and let LC do it for us… very useful hint!


On 11/24/16, 9:50 PM, "use-livecode on behalf of BNig" <use-livecode-bounces at lists.runrev.com on behalf of bernd.niggemann at uni-wh.de> wrote:

    now you have to change the style of the graphic to "polygon" and it uses the
    points. If the graphic is not "closed", i.e. the last point is missing then
    toggle "opaque" (if on unselect it and reselect it, if off select opaque)
    this will close the polygon i.e. it is a full rectangle consisting of 5
    The opaque on/off trick also works for polygon graphics you draw in the ide.
    If set to opaque it will supply the last point to close the polygon, that
    point sticks even if turn opaque off again.

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