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Gregory Lypny wrote:

 > I have never used LiveCode’s Shell command, and I was hoping that
 > someone on the forum might be able to give me an example of how to
 > use it with cURL to download a list of files from an FTP site. I have
 > been using cURL to download many files at a time from a given
 > directory by pasting the code into Terminal in OS X. The problem is
 > that Terminal cannot handle a command that is too long. This limits
 > me to pasting no more than about 500 file paths at a time, but I need
 > to download about 145,000 files. That’s a fair bit of manual pasting.
 > So if someone could give me an example of using the Shell command
 > with cURL, I’d be much obliged.

Why not use libURL?  If you pass it a valid folder path ending in "/" 
it'll return the list of files there.

rsync may be faster for that; see the "--list-only" flag, e.g.:

   rsync --list-only username at servername:/directoryname/

And if you need to download those files rsync will definitely be much 

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