Compound Path SVG Breaks in Widget?

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sun Nov 20 17:11:08 EST 2016

1)  3 bar menu (hamburger menu" download SVG icon from
2) open in Illustrator
3) select all
4) Make compound path

save as SVG

file looks like this:

<svg id="Capa_1" data-name="Capa 1" xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 124 112"><title>three-horizontal-lines_compound</title><path d="M112,6H12a12,12,0,0,0,0,24H112A12,12,0,0,0,112,6Zm0,44H12a12,12,0,0,0,0,24H112A12,12,0,0,0,112,50Zm0,44H12a12,12,0,0,0,0,24H112A12,12,0,0,0,112,94Z" transform="translate(0 -6)" style="fill:none"/></svg>

Pasting this into the widget generates an error.


Any Clues?

already entered here:

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