Type on an angle

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Sun Nov 20 15:06:17 EST 2016

Thanks everyone my responses is 

"All of the above"

-- snapshot really has major issues with returning bit map
-- widgets all look great and I think they all have their use cases.
-- @ HH stack with perspectives is awesome, thank you!
-- @ Bernd: your HTML5 demo is amazing! Where can I can we get the source?
-- @ Richard: hmmm I have to agree that if it's a matter of HQ resources the angle prop should be at the bottom of the list as I also would want all the formatting to a "regular" field that is up for what we need.
-- @ Richard: yes of course we can do things in external editors.
-- Still wish I could just  "set the angle of fld YY to 60"


On 11/20/16, 12:52 AM, "use-livecode on behalf of BNig" <use-livecode-bounces at lists.runrev.com on behalf of bernd.niggemann at uni-wh.de> wrote:

    Elanor has a simple and bare bones LCB file for a widget that can rotate one
    line of text in the attachement of 
    The widget I did turns one line of text horziontally
    Kind regards

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