lcGoogleDrive, Livecode for FM, etc.

Monte Goulding monte at
Sat Nov 19 17:04:51 EST 2016

> On 20 Nov. 2016, at 1:13 am, Alex Tweedly <alex at> wrote:
> Wow ! Terrific. Like I said, I would have been happy to pay for extra compnents, so to hear that they will be included, and in the Community version, is better than I would have hoped for

I should clarify that at the moment there hasn’t been any discussion of making the LiveCode for FM pre-canned custom components generally available to the rest of the community although the PDF selection dialog is the new XPDF demo stack. While I only see benefits in doing so I’m not the one that makes these decisions ;-) It will probably also take us a while to figure out a good plan for providing examples in the IDE that magically turn into custom components when we build LiveCode for FM. There’s also some decisions to be made about which edition things go into.

They are intended to be both examples and by the end of the beta period (if not yet already) solid features to add to a FileMaker solution. The idea being that there will likely be a percentage of people buying LiveCode for FM that just want to use the default set of components.

As examples they are just as good for regular LiveCode as they are for LiveCode for FM. The main difference with FileMaker being the way data is passed back and forth. Obviously if we can get the wider community adding extra APIs  to the google drive library (it currently only has upload file and export as PDF along with the file/folder picker) or wrapping new web services leveraging the oauth2 library then that’s a win for everyone.



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