GUI Design Tasks Send Back - Bring Forward

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sat Nov 19 16:21:12 EST 2016

when I switch from code to building GUI.. we are in an world of objects.  Is it only me that wishes we could

a) import and image
b) click right click on the image
        send back
        bring forward


Use case is in a rapid prototyping/design  environment where e.g. you have a background image with a group on top. You need to show your lead stackholder(s)  how it looks offer options

…so you group all the controls and then create 5 cards, but now if you want to swap out the image in the back to show everyone different options, you import to the Object --> arrange, send to back to push it all the way down to layer 1.

Am I the only one wishing we had this in a contextual menu?

I know a lot of you build your GUI tools into a front script that you call on start up which then overrides or augments the IDE.

How can I get the "arrange" option in contextual menus for all objects?

worth of a feature request?


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