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Sat Nov 19 11:22:44 EST 2016

On 19/11/2016 15:13, Richmond wrote:
> I would like to know why Livecode 9 has dropped support for all versions
> of Mac OS before 10.9.

LiveCode 9 may still run on OS X 10.7, for the time being -- we just 
don't provide any official support for (or run tests on) that platform 
any more.

The development team has to regularly move the LiveCode build system to 
newer versions of Xcode and newer versions of the MacOS SDK, so that 
they can keep LiveCode working well with new versions of MacOS and add 
new features requested by users.  Occasionally this means that older 
versions of OS X won't run LiveCode any more.

With a very small development team and quality assurance team, we have 
to be careful to keep the number and variety of supported platform 
configurations for LiveCode within a manageable limit.  Occasionally 
this means we have to stop providing technical support for running 
LiveCode on older versions of OS X.

Apple stopped providing any patches or security fixes for OS X 10.8 over 
a year ago, and it contains many highly-exploitable vulnerabilities.  I 
*very strongly* recommend against using versions of OS X prior to OS X 
10.10.  If your hardware can't run OS X 10.12, I recommend upgrading its 
operating system to Linux.

You can find more information on our platform support plans in my 
recent-ish blog post [1], and in due course we will be adding some pages 
to the website that show the same information in a quicker-to-find way.



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