Inconsistent results in simple script

JOHN PATTEN johnpatten at
Wed Nov 16 15:13:05 EST 2016

Hi All,

I have two, two column lists. Each list has the same barcode item (item 1). The second item in the first list is a username, and the second item in the second list is a serial number. I am trying to combine the username and serial number into one list. I have about 1000 lines in each list. However, I have cut my username list down to about 30. My script is leaving out username/serial number combinations that are common in each list. I am not sure why?

For example: 

List 1


List 2


I’m sure there are more elegant ways to do this, but here is my script:

on mouseUp

   lock screen

   put cd fld "csv1" into tcsv1

   repeat for number of lines in tcsv1

      put line 1 of tcsv1 into tStudentInfo

      put item 1 of tStudentInfo into tbarcode

      put the number of chars of tBarcode into tCharCount

      --    if tCharCount > 5 then

      --       delete char 1 of tbarcode

      --    end if

      put cd fld "csv2" into tcsv2

      find tBarcode in cd fld "csv2"

      if the result is empty then

         put the foundLine into tLine

         select tLine

         --put the selectedText of tcsv2 into tdeviceInfo

         put the selectedText of cd fld "csv2" into tDeviceInfo

         delete char 1 of item 2 of tDeviceInfo
         put item 2 of tStudentInfo & "," & item 2 of tDeviceInfo & return after tUploadFile


      end if

      put empty into tStudentInfo

      put empty into tbarcode

      put empty into tCharCount

      put empty into tLine

      put empty into tDeviceInfo

      delete line 1 of tcsv1

   end repeat

   put tUploadFile into cd fld "Upload File"

   unlock screen

end mouseUp

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thank you!
John Patten

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