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Keith Martin thatkeith at
Tue Nov 15 05:33:08 EST 2016

On 15 Nov 2016, at 10:20, John Allijn wrote:

> Is ftp safe enough? If I understand it right, the password is sent 
> within the URL (not encrypted)?

Heh. Well, that is something that shouldn't be blindly ignored, but as 
to how risky that is compared to other methods, I'll have to defer to 

(I do know that of all the hacks I've seen *personally* in 20+ years of 
running web sites, none have been through cracking ftp details directly 
– all have been through exploits with vulnerabilities in stuff such as 
wordpress or custom php scripts. But that's just one person's experience 
and no reason to be complacent.)

Perhaps Richard Gaskin could chip in? I know he created an ftp-based 
tool or two very early on in the Revolution era.



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