LiveCode + WP Webinar

Todd Fabacher tfabacher at
Mon May 30 11:30:26 EDT 2016

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the LiveCode Infinity campaign. As
promised, Digital Pomegranate and I are putting together the code and a

We are looking for Monday June 27th @ 1:00 pm NYC time [EST] for the
webinar using Google on air Hangouts. We are setting up a page on our
website to host the project and we will put the code on GitHub.

All details will be posted on this forum topic: Plus, you can post
any questions or request here also.

--Todd & DP Team

PS...We do mostly mobile Apps, and the native text control is a pain in the
butt, so we would really like the simplicity of a LC widget. There is still
a feature campaign going on: We
pledged for this also as it will save time and efforts.  Every little
dollar counts and will save you hours and hours of development time..

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