OT Livecode and Intego Virus Barrier

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Thu May 26 18:49:46 EDT 2016

Kay C Lan wrote:
 > So please consider making an official Bug Report so the LC Team can
 > ensure noobs on Mac with Intego aren't seeing a 3 min load time.

It may also be worth contacting Intego's support to let them know about 
what appears to be a false positive.

Many AV packages use Bloom filters, which are very good at finding 
pattern matches quickly across large sets, but with the trade-off of 
being very prone to false-positives.

We see this sort of thing here on the list every few years.  Several 
years ago AVG for Windows was flagging not only LC but every standalone 
made with it as a virus.  Several of us contacted AVG and they responded 
quickly by creating an exception for the errant pattern match for LC. 
In fact, they were so quick and friendly about it I started using AVG as 
my AV solution for Windows.

Hopefully we'll have as good an outcome here with Intego.

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