OT Livecode and Intego Virus Barrier

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at gmail.com
Thu May 26 18:33:08 EDT 2016

I'm not sure why you've marked this as Off Topic. I would think that
you should forward this information directly to LC via a bug report!

The reason I say that is because if I downloaded any software and it
took 3 min to load I wouldn't use it. I don't care how good it
'really' is, if it took 3 minutes to load the impression it would give
me is that it is very poorly written/performing app. I have no apps
that take more than a few seconds to start.

Intego is very popular on Mac and you've indicated that this has
happened before so many many Mac users may have downloaded LC to give
it a go and experienced what you've experienced. That would be very
very bad for LC.

If I go to LCs FAQ to see if there is a know issue, nothing listed
about slow loading. Next the LC Forums and I did a search for 'slow
loading' and 'slow start' and the hits were not relevant and would
mean nothing to a noob.

So please consider making an official Bug Report so the LC Team can
ensure noobs on Mac with Intego aren't seeing a 3 min load time.

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