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It is completely different.  VAT comes off the top line, like an excise
tax.  Income tax comes off the bottom line.  Therefore, if a firm is
plowing funds into development, it can be at or below 0 on the bottom line,
therefore the tax on the funds would be zero, and depending on its previous
history, there may even be a federal rebate.  Sales tax doesn't apply in a
case like this because you aren't getting a LC t-shirt, playing cards,
phone sleeve, etc.  Then there is the difference between S-corps and
C-corps, and their bases and rates, which would further depress the tax on
the take.

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> Lagi Pittas wrote:
> > I have just paid my pledge and I was cheesed off that  20% of
> > my DONATION/PLEDGE has gone to the government.
> >
> > If doing feature exchange is to save Kickstarter fees it certainly
> > doen't do that.
> It doesn't seem much different from how it works in the States - from the
> Kickstarter tax guide:
>    In general, in the US, funds raised on Kickstarter are considered
>    income.
>    ...
>    Sales tax may also be applicable in certain cases depending on the
>    local rules. In general, sales tax applies only if the creator has
>    sufficient connection to the location of the backer.
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