Confusion over builds.

James Hale james at
Tue May 24 10:24:40 EDT 2016

Now that 8 is out,things on GitHub should be simpler, right?
No, not really.
We still have 8.01rc1 sitting there.
We have 802rc1 sitting there.
8.10dp1 AND 8.10dp2 AND 8.10 future?

While I really like the action happening I wish we could collapse things a bit and get the different branches consistent.
For instance let's start with removing those builds that are actually released.

That would leave us with 8.02rc1, 8.1dp2 and 8.10 future (whatever this is supposed to mean).

Then could be get some guidance as to whether 8.1 contains the fixes in 8.02 or not.
In other words, if 8.02 fixes something we wanted fixed but we also want to test against 8.1, can we count on not having worry about a missing fix?

Which gets me to my main hope. Could we perhaps release the rc' a bit more frequently? I mean there was only one rc for 8.01 and now we are already almost up to 8.02rc1 but before it was released we get an 8.1dp1.
Can't you move the unfinished bits of 8.02rc1 into a future 8.02rc2 and get 8.02rc1 out?
Will there be an 8.02rc2 or will you jump to 8.03rc1? Sort makes the 'rc' labels superfluous. 


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