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VAT is really only an issue here in the UK. We get VAT numbers from most
companies in the EU which takes it out and it does not apply to the rest
of the world. So in % terms its tiny on this campaign. The cost of
attempting to mess around with this sort of structure however would not be
insubstantial. We do review these things but there would need to be a
number of other benefits to doing something like this.

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>I wonder if an inversion with the US being the collection point would
>since there is no VAT, here.  It still seems weird that there would be VAT
>on fundraising, where the contributor is not receiving any in-kind
>other than more awesomeness, but for the Community version, that doesn't
>carry any sort of value, anyway.  If the funding is going to an OSS
>project/piece, why can't THAT be structured as an NPO?
>On Tue, May 24, 2016 at 6:39 AM, Jacques Hausser <Jacques.Hausser at>
>> Dear all,
>> I¹m currently trying to adapt an old stack to LC 8, and among other
>> I¹m trying to use the browser widget. My question: how to replace the
>> old ŒrevBrowserCallScript¹ command ? It is surely absolutely evident,
>> not for my poor old brainŠ
>> Thanks in advance !
>> Jacques
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