[ANN] Release 8.1.0 DP 1

panagiotis merakos panos.merakos at livecode.com
Mon May 23 12:41:00 EDT 2016

Dear list members,
We are pleased to announce the release of LiveCode 8.1.0-dp-1, the first
development preview of LiveCode 8.1.

Developer Preview Release
Warning: this is not a stable release.  Please ensure that you back up your
stacks before testing them.

Getting the Release
You can get the release at https://downloads.livecode.com/livecode/ or via
the automatic updater.

Release Contents
New Windows player control
The player control on Windows no longer uses QuickTime.  There is no longer
any need to install QuickTime to play media on Windows.

Standalone builder improvements
* The standalone builder now has an "Inclusions" page which lets you select
externals, script libraries and extensions to include in your standalone in
a single place for all platforms
* The "search for inclusions" mechanism in the standalone builder now works
for all platforms and includes extensions and widgets
* For iOS deployment, you can now add custom entitlements without having to
poke around inside the LiveCode app bundle

LiveCode Builder improvements
Variables in LiveCode Builder are now automatically initialised to a
suitable default value.

Known issues
* HTML5 standalones do not currently work when they contain extensions with
* 64-bit standalones for Mac OS X do not have support for audio recording
or the revVideoGrabber external
* The Windows player controls "skip forward" and "skip backward" buttons do
not work reliably (bug 17698), the default video is in .mov format which is
not supported by DirectShow (bug 17696), and several player properties have
not yet been implemented (see release notes)
* The player sometimes displays video unreliably on OS X (bug 17697)

Please report any bugs encountered on our Bugzilla at

Have fun!
The LiveCode Team

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