Make a $500 Pledge to LiveCode Campaign and we will help you get your WP App in the store MUCH faster

Todd Fabacher tfabacher at
Sat May 21 13:44:37 EDT 2016

The key to making money in the App Business is making it cloud based. By
connecting your App to a web presence, you will be able to change $24.95
per month [which is the the average  for B2B services). Even if you only
get 500 -1000 customers, you will be making $12,500 to $25,000 PER MONTH!!!

There are only a few spots left to get One-on-One attention on getting your
in the App Stores and making you REAL money and not in your dreams.
EVERYONE win with this offer - we help you, you help the community and the
community will help us when we open source all the code.

** Thanks everyone for making the $40K by last Friday. We have started
putting together documentation, samples and materials for the webinar.
After speaking with the Digital Pomegranate team and LiveCode, we have
decided to create a FULL working App with the WP library and how to use it
with LiveCode. We are going to actually create the LiveCode conference App
this year using the WP framework. This way everyone will have a solid
working example and it will have an added benefit to the community by
having a fully functioning App and website for the LiveCode 2016 Conference
in Edinburg this year.

So make you $500 pledge NOW before it's too late!!!!


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