[OT] Want to help build a new HyperCard

Mark Rauterkus mark.rauterkus at gmail.com
Thu May 19 14:21:56 EDT 2016


Wow. Richard's vision with a K-12 package as a subset of Community LiveCode
is exciting.

If it was made to run on the Raspberry Pi 3, then it might be even better.

Years ago, Hugh was working on an authoring system that I was enamored with
called FootNotes. That was mostly about ebook authoring, but much more, and
way ahead of its time. Clever. But wise business decision to suspend its
development too.

All together, the Killer App potential exists, IMHO. But, we've got a long
way to go in terms of doing the open-source dance among educators, yet, I


Mark Rauterkus
Mark at Rauterkus.com

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