Odd native scroller issue on iOS

Terry Judd terry.judd at unimelb.edu.au
Thu May 19 06:58:42 CEST 2016

So, after some more of Œtrying everything¹ it seems that it¹s the
scroller¹s rect rather than its contentRect that is causing problems. If I
pull the rect in far enough on both sides so that it doesn¹t overlap the
affected control but keep the contentRect large enough that it does cover
them then I can still scroll using the full width of the form and the
controls remain responsive because they are outside of the scroller¹s rect.

The problem is of course that the vertical scroll indicator appears at the
edge of the scroller rect rather than at the edge of the form /
contentRect meaning that I have to hide the scroller¹s vIndicator.

I think I better bug report this.


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>I¹m having an issue with a native scroller on iOS. It¹s used to scroll a
>group of expanding and contracting form elements that each contain a
>number of Œon/off¹ buttons. It all works well enough (with the
>contentRect of the scroller being adjusted each time an element is
>expanded or contracted) except under certain circumstances, where some of
>the elements (typically above a particular point in the form) become
>unresponsive to mouse/touch events. The only way to get things happening
>again is to Œjiggle¹ the scroller with your finger.
>The problem is definitely related to the native scroller because if I
>turn it off and resort to a LC scroller it never happens. With the
>scroller on, the contentRect always appears to report the correct
>dimensions but even though it (contentRect) doesn¹t include a strip down
>the side of the screen where the controls for toggling the elements are
>located these are still affected when the problem occurs. Controls that
>are above the contentRect area (i.e. nearer the top of the screen) are
>never affected.
>Before I file a bug report, has anyone seen anything similar or have any
>suggestions for working around the problem. I feel like I¹ve tried
>everything up to this point but maybe not.
>Terry Judd  | Senior Lecturer in Medical Education
>Department of Medical
>The University of Melbourne<http://www.unimelb.edu.au>
>M: 0435 961 594  |  E:
>terry.judd at unimelb.edu.au<mailto:tsj at unimelb.edu.au>
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