Re: Bullet • Mac/Win

Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at
Wed May 18 11:58:25 EDT 2016

Hi Klaus.

What I did is create a bullet point graphic (could use an SVG path??) then set the imageSource of the first character which I insert (like a space) to that image. I will preface each line with a space and a tab, then set the first tab spacing to enough to make the list pleasing to the eye. This way the items of the list are all left aligned.

Just one way to skin that cat (I apologise to cat lovers for the phrase).

Bob S

On May 18, 2016, at 08:37 , Klaus major-k <klaus at<mailto:klaus at>> wrote:

Hi friends,

I do not have a Win PC at hand, so my question:
Since version 7.x we have unicode, does that mean
that if I enter a bullet point (see subject) on my Mac into
an LC field, i will also get a bullet point when opening that
stack on Windows?

Know what I mean?

Thanks a lot in advance!



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