LibURLftpUploadFile doesn't work with Windows Firewall On

Ray ray at
Wed May 18 11:52:54 EDT 2016

I'm issuing the following Lib URL commands

    libURLSetFTPMode "active"         -- our FTP server doesn't work 
otherwise for some reason
    libURLSetStatusCallback "uploadProgress", the long ID of me
    libURLftpUploadFile tFileForUpload, tDestination, "uploadComplete"

This only works on my Windows 8.1 system if I "Turn Off Windows 
Firewall" under "Private Network Settings".  Leaving Windows Firewall 
turned on for Public network setting doesn't cause any problems.

Does anybody have any experience with this?  Ideally I could provide 
users with a way to "always allow connections for the application named 
Livecode" as I get with other programs like FileZilla.

Thanks in advance!

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