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Fri May 13 15:24:08 EDT 2016

Paul Dupois wrote:
> However, that gut reaction in no way takes into account the "gift in
> kind" contributions of people using only the Community license in
> (a) contributions to the source code
> (b) time spend on submitting quality bug reports
> (c) time spend on helping others with useful advice on the forums
> or email lists, and
> (d) many, many, other similar contributions of time.

I know many people who do at least three of these four items. ALL of
them, inclusive me, have at least an Indy license and are backing each
and every campaign.
This is independent of license holding. Community is for me everybody
outside the LC team.

I see it like this (leaving bussiness uses apart).
Most of Indy users (like me) don't really need or use the license.
They have one, because they can afford one  and are willing to help by
that the thing going on, for all. Of course I use also community-only
LC versions (for example for the RaspbianPi).
Who can't afford it, should have a license-light (real license) for free or
a rather symbolic price.

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