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Fri May 13 10:12:05 EDT 2016

Now having a first dot-dot-release of 8, we don't look
back to unfinished work, because "we are post 8" (Kevin).
And post 8.0.0 starts infinity?

Let's look back a few days.
I can't forget this community-trivializing pie chart
"The Story of community"(see webinar at 6:37), based on
pull requests: 2% community, 98% LiveCode (ignoring
the fact that many pull requests of the LC-team are
essentially based on time-consuming community LC QC

The two cents of the community?
So, if everybody of the community contributes 2% of
his worktime (1 hour a week) to The Big LC Project,
then we are done.
The 2% (if not two cents) contributions of my worktime
to The Big LC Project are already done for years.

Stop it now? No, I do finish my work. What's not
finished doesn't count to being "post <project>".
But after finishing these few projects I'll stop.
I'll wait and watch was LC does on his 98% part.

I asked that at the webinar: "What's the state of
the foreign module?" (No answer, there were too much

After that I was trying for a whole day to get the
state of FFI, looking for anything that works on
*ALL* platforms, a simple 'Hello world'. No success.

Of course I pledged, as always. For a "new"(?)
feature especially: FFI.

Searched again for the state of FFI: Seen apart from
excellent fragments (excellent, but fragments) from
Peter-B's private blog: Nothing found.

I'll finish my current community projects.
Then I'll wait and watch was LC does on his 98% part.


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