Using Widgets for Dummies Tutorial

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Wed May 11 22:30:58 EDT 2016

OK I watched the webinar and bit hard on the widgets hook and dragged out a header bar today to a new stack.

Now what? For super newbies this will be interesting,.. the guide is too “high”

How do I script the back button

Requires a fishing expedition:

Clicking on the widget I can only select the entire widget
Oh wait… the script for the widget shows:

on mouseUp

            local tActionName
OK I can push that to console and see “Back” and “Add”  So far so good.

OK let’s select the widget… Ok great.. I can change its size… change to 20 px high
Go for the font… change to Helvetica Neue Bold size 14

Oops! My widget disappeared! And font change is made to a different label field on the card…

I don’t think I inadvertently hit the delete key… very odd.

Where is the “using widgets guide for dummies?”



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