Speed of LCB

David Bovill david at viral.academy
Tue May 10 03:28:56 EDT 2016

Richard mentioned that LCB can be / is magnitudes slower than Livecode
script for certain tasks?

I'm wandering how this pans out with json import. Perhaps it's time to look
at a speed comparison between various ways to encode and decode JSON in
Livecode. We have:

   - a number of libs written in livecode script
   - mergeJSON
   - jsonImport / jsonExport
   written in LCB

I thought jsonImport would wrap a C library - but looking at the code on
all native LCB I think. That would make no sense if LCB was slow?

Does anyone have a speed testing app / framework - in the spirit of open
source I'd rather not keep rollin my own :)

Question: how slow do you expect LCB be as compared to the Livecode script
and Monte's external?

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