IPv6 for iOS??

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Fri May 6 10:52:23 EDT 2016

Kevin Miller wrote:

 > On 05/05/2016, 20:50, Todd Fabacher wrote:
 >> ...Apple will NOT accept anything but IPv6 starting June 1. So what
 >> are our options because the Internet lib for LiveCode only supports
 >> IPv4:
 >> http://www.zdnet.com/article/apple-drops-ipv4-internet-support/
 >> Will LiveCode be able to replace the internet lib so fast??
 > Much of the dev team is having time off now that the launch is out,
 > however I¹ll escalate this issue next week. I¹m sure they will be
 > delighted!

At first I was pretty concerned, but Monte's post got me thinking about 
this more productively:

     The good news is because LiveCode's iOS url support already uses
     NSURLConnection instead of libURL and sockets we won’t need to
     worry about the bulk of our networking. We WILL need to worry
     about sockets though. It may be that I can update mergSocket
     quickly to get people out of trouble although I had hoped to
     mothball that now that socket support is in the engine.

That's the key part:  this change is limited to iOS, where libURL isn't 

It'll be interesting to hear what the team has to say, but based on what 
I can see from working with LC and re-reading the article about the new 
requirement, I don't think it'll be quite as onerous as I'd originally 

With any luck the socket revisions for this change may help lay a 
foundation the team can get back to later when they dive into the 
revised network enhancements outlined among the Kickstarter goals.

Sure, it'd be nice to be able to set one's own work queue rather than 
having to constantly change work plans to keep up with Apple's changes, 
but overall probably not a big side step for now and one that can be 
useful for the future.

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