First experience with LC 8.0's Interactive Welcome

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Fri May 6 10:40:58 EDT 2016

We will be doing this. We had intended to do it already but just didn¹t
have time before launch. Thanks.

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>Quentin's feedback is indeed fabulous. It is very difficult for
>experienced coders to write tutorials that work for newbies. This was a
>huge problem in the create-it course. My oceanography students schooled
>me in this and it was a mind-opening experience to look over their
>shoulder as they tried to use my creations. Also, the kind of feedback
>that Quentin is writing could be much more easily gotten by getting a
>high school student or other newbie who will work for cheap, and simply
>watch them go through the tutorials. You will soon become more familiar
>with these issues and will get better at anticipating their challenges.
>This is a case where you really don't want to rely on user feedback for

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