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Fri May 6 16:41:32 CEST 2016

If you need something more on Android and want to write it we would be
more than happy to support you doing that in LCB.


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>Actually Kevin, sorry but...
>users need to be aware about Android. The statement "Bear in mind however
>that basic display is already possible with the browser included in all
>editions of LC." is not 100% accurate. A PDF does NOT display within the
>web browser in Android. We ended up having to use the Android mergExt
>external to display a PDF. This is an Android issue, not LiveCode, but
>is all the more reason the community should band together and get a PDF
>viewer created. I will be happy to contribute some resources!!!
>But I agree with Kevin. Everyone shouts Open Source, but few are willing
>put in the time and efforts it takes to make it happen. Send me an email
>you are interested in the PDF viewer. I will get one of my C guys to start
>looking into it. We just need to learn LiveCode Builder.
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