Shell Fails on One Machine

Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at
Thu May 5 17:30:35 EDT 2016

I managed Apple Servers for years. Would not be the first time that a mount point went south, and when it does, yeah you get a lot of wierdness. It used to be you had to go to the folder that contained the dynamic links to the mount points and delete the bad ones. Now when you reboot it flushes all your prior mount points.

Bob S

On May 5, 2016, at 12:09 , Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami <brahma at<mailto:brahma at>> wrote:

Rebooting the machine and remounting that remote volume works.  There was some bizzare “version” of the remote machine mounted invisibly… because even after ejecting the one from the desk top in Terminal I could still see that volume mounted.

I suspect someone logged into the server once, then someone else came along and logged in a second time with a different user/permissions. Livecode was acting as the active user of that machine, but did not have permission to view the server because the volume being addressed by my shell scripts had been mounted as a different user.

Weird… reboot/remount volume

Works now.

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