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JB sundown at
Wed May 4 19:22:22 EDT 2016

Thank you,  I won’t use XPDF for older
versions.  That is good to know.



> On May 4, 2016, at 4:04 PM, Paul Dupuis <paul at> wrote:
> On 5/4/2016 6:39 PM, JB wrote:
>> I am trying to compile a external using xCode 7.  Is it possible in anyway to
>> make that external work or a way to use any version of Xcode on El Capitan
>> and make the external work?  Do you compile externals on a Mac with new
>> OS X systems like El Capitan and if you do what are you doing to make it
>> work?  So I am looking for anyway to make the external work.
>> JB
> I am confused. If the 'external' you are referring to is XPDF, you do
> not need Xcode or anything like that. However XPDF will not work on any
> version of LiveCode below LC 6.7.x, so if you are trying to use XPDF
> with an ancient version of "Revolution" (like 2.x or something) you are
> out of luck.
> If you have some 'external' you are trying to build, what is it? And
> what version of "Revolution" (vs LiveCode" are you trying to build it
> for? I am surprised any version of Revolution even runs under El Capitan
> - I think you need at least LiveCode 4.5 or maybe 4.6.4 or higher to run
> on El Capitan
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