[ANN] Release 8.0.0

Andrew Meit meitnik at bellsouth.net
Wed May 4 11:27:06 EDT 2016

Really, wow….the guide….r

Using many screenshots of the old dictionary within the new dictionary/guide!
Using a screenshot of an ancient marketing model: Revolution 3.0 for the forums!
There is no toc to navigate the guide, sometime pretty basic for a guide.
Is the screenshots current for the current Revonline?????
IDE screenshots in the guide still use an older version of LC!
OS themes screenshots in guide is way off too!
Wait, drawers and sheets have been removed long ago in Mac OS so why in the guide??
Stack decorations, OMG, showing a ten yr old screenshot!!
The list goes on and on….

I am at lost for words….or better not say anything to get flamed or get elegantly get chewed on ;-)

Kevin, this is the best guide to give in the box — for those who paid 1k or newbies ??


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