[ANN] Release 8.0.0

Richard Gaskin richard at livecode.org
Wed May 4 11:25:32 EDT 2016

jameshale wrote:

 > Looking at the pricing page on the website you need to scroll to
 > the bottom to see the open source version.
 > Really there should be three columns, GPL (or Community), Indy,
 > Business
 > With the features and benefits (and omissions) also listed to include
 > GPL (or Community).
 > I supported the kickstarter because of open source.
 > I believe it should be there as an equally viable option at the same
 > level as the paid for licenses, not hidden at the bottom of the page.
 > I am proud LC went open source, I would like LC to show they are
 > proud too.

Me too.

Last year I proposed to Kevin that we split the .com and .org sites so 
that each can best serve their respective audiences.

With the launch of v8.0 this has now begun - see:

What's in place today is just the first steps for both sites.  All web 
sites are an ongoing process, and there are a number of details 
livecode.com and livecode.org will each need as we move forward.

One of the first steps is to make sure that folks looking for LiveCode 
Community Edition can find it easily.  I've been corresponding with the 
web team there this morning to make links to .org more discoverable, but 
at the moment you can find links LiveCode.org in the footer at the 
bottom of every page at LiveCode.com ("Open source project").

  Richard Gaskin
  LiveCode Community Liaison
  richard at livecode.org

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