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>It also bears repeating that I have told Kevin, and others, that I think
>there is not enough bang for the buck for the Business edition, so we
>buy it.

That will be changing very fast now that 8 is done.

>LCC is FOSS.  Take it, fork it, run with it.  Hell, there is nothing
>stopping me from fixing the things in the SE that I want fixed, or added.
>We paid whatever it was into the KS because we wanted the security of
>knowing that in the event that LC ever dies, the code will still be there,
>should we, or someone else, choose to pick it up and go with it, without
>having to go through all the hogwash of Administration to get it.

Absolutely. I¹m sure we would all love to see more contributions, whether
that be to the core, the IDE or the documentation.

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