Converting a stack to a text file..

Paul Dupuis paul at
Wed May 4 08:29:38 EDT 2016

Some time back on this email list there were discussions about tool(s)
to write a stack (mainstack, substacks, controls, images, and all their
standard and custom properties) out into a text file that could then be
run through another tool to recreate the stack exactly. I think I recall
that the purpose was to work with source code management systems which
tend to want to work with text files.

In theory it was a matter of looping through all stack, substacks,
cards, and controls and writing out all their standard and custom
properties and scripts and then reversing this to rebuild the stack(s)

I find myself in need of a tool to export a stack and all its possible
bits to a text file and then regenerate it. Did anyone ever build such
tools? Willing to share them?

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