Revenue and the Open Source edition

Terence Heaford t.heaford at
Wed May 4 02:53:23 EDT 2016

It seems to me as a “community” user that there is no community.

There only appears to be those that want to pay, those that can’t afford to pay and those that don’t want to pay for ideological reasons.

I, personally do not feel part of a community.

When I read the discussions (not just this thread) the majority seem to revolve around how to monetise the “community” for the benefit of LC and how can we convert a “community” user to a paid user.

It seems to me that there are a number of people who subscribe to this mailing list who want to own the product (rather than rent) and that is understandable (I am probably one of those).

But, to put it quite simply, I cannot afford it, it is to expensive for me ( a loss for me and a loss for live code).

If I were to produce a fantastic product that I thought would be useful to a great many people, I may want to give it away for free but under the present arrangement I would not

bother because I would not want to give away my coding effort.

Could probably go on forever but I think that’s enough.

The end of my 2 pence worth.

All the best


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