Revenue and the Open Source edition

Robert Mann rman at
Tue May 3 22:56:52 EDT 2016

I goes one of the central issue of a community version.. is.. community!?

How to make people feel member of the community? get them involved?

One way of doing that is to let people buy something maybe not much, but
something. That was the idea of the pay once upgrade when you feel which was
tried before. 

Paradoxically, with the community version, the more we move ahead from the
great community foundation kickstart, the less there may be a feel of
community!!?? what do you think?

So maybe the question about Open source Edition and revenue? could be
rephrased to something different like :: Open source edition and BENEFITS
(of all kinds to the livecode ecosystem) ???

As an example, I'm pretty sure that many of us really like that
language/tool and would take some time to promote it e.g. at schools. That
would need organization and incentives, like.. the benefit of more
affordable  commercial license schemes that could even be traded to help out
people start up something. And that would cost nothing and could be an
important medium term benefit.

On the whole, i feel mothership is kind of into  shyzophrenic situation ::
the move to open source certainly was a generous move, event though at that
time it may just have been death and exit otherwise. And the other hand we
feel a commercial pressure with prices going up and up for the little rock
of commercial folks.

I was surprised to see that the "community" developments fundings were not
so successful. it was a way of carrying forward the initial kickstart move.
Maybe that should be tried agin, possibly with a different organization :
would it change the results if the community participated to selection of
developments proposed? or even.. drove them!? well hum, that would be
revolution that would imp lie seeing up some kind of representation of that

Livecode Community could be well used for a lot of "community" actions in
our societies. I though personally of attending the "units debuts comity of
computing" in Paris just to talk to them about livecode because they need to
build a set of tools and livecode community would be just right. and that
would greatly expose livecode (they gather 250 geeks from Paris..

Now that mothership has embarked on the community track, the next step could
well be to get together some kind of representation of the group to
exchange, meet, discuss and relay etc with the objective to establish such a
community feeling??

And that could have a huge potential to motivate, generate many actions that
bring those many benefits, that are hard to see yet with a close view to
My cents!

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